Hydrodynamic analysis Hydrodynamic analysis

We have expertise in performing hydrodynamic analysis to predict the performance of vessels in the dynamic marine environment and covers ship resistance, propulsion, seakeeping and maneuvering of ships. Our in-house team of naval architects and hydrodynamics engineers are competent in the latest industry softwares, assisting clients for engineering solutions to complete project on schedule and on budget. Resistance and propulsion calculations are required primarily during the newbuild designs. Seakeeping calculations are carried out for sea-transportation to identify the critical response of the vessels for strength assessments and sea-fastening designs. Multi body stimulations involves interactions of more than one vessel or platforms with each other for offshore activities. Sloshing analysis determines dynamic pressures generated in tanks due to vessel motions. Green sea analysis assesses the extent of the environmental forces acting on the vessel due to waves and shipping of green water. Manoeuvring simulations are carried out for prediction of standard manoeuvers, generation of wheelhouse posters etc.

  •  Resistance Calculation
  •  Propulsion Design
  •  Mooring Analysis
  •  Motion Response Analysis
  •  Multi Body Simulation
  •  Sloshing Analysis
  •  Green Sea Analysis
  •  Manoeuvring Simulation
  •  Wheelhouse Posters