Aries provide smart and innovative solutions for Structural Condition Assessment and inspection of Existing and Designated Structures

Civil condition assessment

We provide an extensive range of testing and deliverables in the field of Structural Condition Assessment, tailored to meet the specific requirements of the owner and the project. Our standard condition assessment or condition survey aims to identify the root causes of issues and assess the level of damage on various structures such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, slabs, pillars, jetty structures, and coolers.

Additionally, we offer inspection services encompassing various aspects of construction and materials technology. These services include evaluating specifications, establishing quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) schemes for material/product assessment, conducting failure investigations, and performing statistical analysis of performance tests. Moreover, we can develop test methods in cases where suitable standards are unavailable.

ACFM is a current perturbation technique and it is significantly different to the conventional Eddy Current Testing method. This offers very substantial benefits and it is being used to good effect with divers and rope access technicians. ACFM does not require the removal of paint coatings, standard probes can operate through non-conductive coating up to 5mm thick. Inspection Data is available electronically for audit and integration into plat management software. Overall ACFM offers improved reliability and significant cost benefit compare to the conventional inspection methods.

  •  Visual inspection – site survey
  •  Acoustic impact testing
  •  Rebound hammer testing (Schmidt Hammer)
  •  GPR survey
  •  Thermal imaging ( Building )
  •  Ultrasonic pulse velocity testing
  •  Half-cell Potential Survey (Corrosion Analysis)
  •  Exploratory excavations
  •  Sample extraction (Core Extraction for Strength & Chemical Analysis)
  •  Depth of Carbonation for Freshly Fractured Surface in Concrete
  •  Petrographic Analysis for Concrete & Rocks
  •  Concrete Slab / Wall Cutting Services
  •  Impact echo testing
  •  Pull Off Test for Plaster / Paint
  •  Pull Off Test for Marble / Granite / Natural Stone
  •  Rebar / Anchor Bolt Pull-Out Test
  •  Rebar Scanning (Cover meter)
  •  Crack depth and width measuring
  •  QA/QC consultancy services
  •  Water Leakage Detect Inspection Service
  •  Concrete Resistivity Test

  •  To save human life and buildings and warn against any potential threats or failures
  •  To understand the condition and health of a building and to project the expected future life
  •  To find critical areas that need to be attended or repaired with immediate effect
  •  To comply with the statutory requirements of municipal authorities
  •  To proactively assist the residents and the society to understand the seriousness of the problems and the urgency required to attend to the sameexpected future life
  •  To enhance the life cycle of a building by suggesting preventive and corrective measures like repairs and retrofitting