under water inspection

Traditionally, inspections below the surface has been performed by expensive dive teams or ROV operator. These options are both time- consuming and expensive. By introducing underwater drones to offshore/vessel operators, the inspections can be performed more frequently with reduced effort. Underwater drones are easy to maneuver and enables more frequent inspections, thus reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

We offer the following types of surveys

  •  Remote inspection
  •  Ensures safety and structural integrity of vessel
  •  Assess the hull condition
  •  key areas such as bow thruster, sea chest & keel coolers, etc.
  •  Observes the condition of the antifouling paint
  •  Propeller condition
  •  Damage inspection

Underwater drones are utilized in survey, construction support, search & rescue applications in marine, offshore, ports etc.

  1.  Underwater hull inspections
  2.  Ballast water tanks inspections
  3.  Underwater rig leg inspections
  4.  Pre-charter surveys
  5.  Offshore gas production tripod installation/inspections
  6.  Underwater fixed structures
  7.  Underwater pipe line inspections
  8.  Search & Rescue operations
  9.  vFishing farm inspections