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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Marine Consultancy in Oman

Aries Marine is well known for providing reliable and top quality Marine consultancy services to companies and businesses all over Oman. The specialty of a maritime consultant is to provide solutions practical advises catering to the need of shipping industry. Their job is unique in a sense that marine consultancy is of utmost importance in the growth and advancement of any marine industry. This requires apt knowledge and heavy expertise in shipping related subjects.

Our team of consultants

 Aries Marine boasts a well-equipped and talented team of marine consultants who will give you top quality solutions to individuals and enterprises from shipping related advice to project management. We provide good quality assurance services, repairs and consultancy services, basically anything your business needs.

Aries marine in Oman

Oman is popular for its sea trade and corresponding offshore management industry. In today’s world, marine consultancy became a vast and studied-upon field due to the dynamic change in requirements.  The industry should not only think about financial concerns, but should also be environmentally aware. A good marine consultant should be able to reach clear decisions looking at the requirement from all perspectives and keeping in mind the effects on ecosystem.

Aries make sure we provide an experienced bunch of consultants who have hand on knowledge on marine industry.